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I'm Lewis Huckstep, a Mindset, Business & Relationship coach dedicated to helping business owners enhance their lives and careers.

I unlock your full potential by finding Purpose & overcoming all mental, emotional, strategic & leadership blocks. Allowing for more success, love & fulfilment. All while mastering all areas of your life.

I was born on a small island (Norfolk Island).

I experienced a very emotionally volatile upbringing. I was diagnosed with Aspergers, Autism & ADHD, this all contributed to a very dysregulated nervous system, terrible mental health & having no way to express my authentic self.

I was contracted with professional rugby league teams from ages 12-18 & found my way into the business world at 18. Fueled by my feeling of not being enough, I grinded my way to owning 3 gyms at the age of 22. All whilst neglecting of my own personal needs, burning myself out & avoiding looking within to do the 'inner work'.

From the outside, it seemed like I was 'successful', but deep within, I was burnt out and reached a breaking point. I realized I had been chasing goals for the wrong reasons. I wasn't clear on who I was authentically (wearing a mask), I didn't know my Purpose & my mental / emotional health was terrible.

I was always looking for the answers to my problems. I listened to all the podcasts, read the books, did courses, joined masterminds, paid for mentors & tried EVERYTHING... But I was still not achieving my goals & I certainly wasn't fulfilled.

It all changed once I created my

Inspired Life Method.

I integrated all of the business skills/strategies + all of the personal development tools together (which I spent over $350,000 learning)... wow... it all shifted.

I sold 2 of my businesses, I completely hired myself out of the 3rd & I was making $2000 - $3000 a week with 1 hour a week of work. But most importantly for me, I had the clarity & the freedom to pursue my Purpose & create a life on my terms.

I'm marrying the woman (queen) of my dreams. I work my own hours. I have a Purpose & Mission that fulfils me deeply. I'm the healthiest I've ever been. & I've done so much healing through my past, especially with my family.

What lights me up the most? I get to show you how to do all of that without all of the mistakes & money it cost me to learn how to...

& this is already working for so many people.

Over the past 9 years I have worked with thousands of clients with life changing results.

Breakthroughs mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, business, career, health, relationships & much more.

If you want the same for you and you are ambitious, with big goals for your life, you've come to the right place!

You will have absolute clarity, with a bullet proof plan of the exact steps that need to be taken to build the life you've dreamt of. With the mindset & skill set needed to get there.

Hear from my valued clients

I was kind of stifled by society. I was worried about other people. I feel a lot more confident living life for myself which has affected my business as well. Living life according to my values, it benefits me and my business and everybody around me professionally and personally.

I definitely feel like I have a clearer path in front of me of the things I need to tackle. That path feels good to me, it doesn't feel like the business plan I'm supposed to do because someone else does it.


The most pivotal piece for me is to understand myself and my values. I'm getting really clear on what I want, what I stand for, who I am and being so non-negotiable because I know now when I'm not in line with my values, I'm just not in alignment.

My sales have gone up exponentially. When you and I started together, in January, I sold a 3,000 dollar program. In February, I sold a 15,000 dollar program, and then, in March and April I did 100,000 in both months in sales.


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Real-Life Wins

"I've got so much clarity of my future for my business, my relationship, my family & what needs to be done to get there. I owe my life to Lewy, he helped me when I was at my lowest. I'm truly grateful for him."


"I was able to turn my anger & focus it into something I loved & created a side hustle which I am loving (while turning over 500k in her other business), something that I have been passionate about for yours but never had the balls to do. He helped me believe in myself."


"Got crystal clear on her Purpose, was able to overcome mental blocks that was stopping her from growing personally & professionally. She has set firm boundaries that she never had before, is now consistency doing $20,000 in sales per week.


The lewis Huckstep Experience podcast

In this podcast, we'll delve deep into physical, mental, and financial well-being. These are the areas where I'll guide you through transformative breakthroughs.

Prepare for a life-altering experience that will leave you with lasting change. So, keep an open mind, and get ready to take the ride on your journey to transformation. Let’s dive in!

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